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Our Green Approach

Our overall approach to environmental considerations is that we try to be as green as we can whilst recognising the need to clean effectively.

However it is not as clear cut as some would present it. Many factors have to be taken into account for a full analysis of a product’s green credentials. For those in the know in the industry there is an ongoing debate about the strengths and weaknesses of green products.

Let’s give you some examples.

Chemicals – where are they made, how many miles are they transported, and by what method, what is the actual feedstock used for the chemicals? Not always clear cut or taken into account when companies promote green credentials, but those factors are all relevant. A key factor is do they actually clean well. There is no point in using a “green” cleaning product if it doesn’t actually clean, or takes much more product or water to do the job, or takes much longer. For example, we have yet to find a green toilet cleaner that really works.

Hand towels
A second example is our approach to hand towels. Our understanding having researched it is that paper hand towels from a properly managed and sustained source are more environmentally friendly than hot air dryers which use considerable amounts of electricity. We also understand that paper towels from the correct dispensers are probably more hygienic than air dryers. For this reason we do not currently offer hot air hand dryers.

Rubbish bags
Another example is that of biodegradable rubbish bags. They currently leave a residue in the ground as they degrade, for which the long term effects are not fully known, and so do not provide a completely green solution. As a result we would prefer to source bags from recycled plastic wherever possible as the best current approach to green bags.

Contact us if you would like to discuss the best approach for your green cleaning requirements.

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Our Green Approach

Green House

Being green in the cleaning world is not as straight-forward as some people would have you believe. We have a committed approach to green cleaning products. Read about the issues, our approach and how we select green suppliers.

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